About Dan and Songbird Landscape Design

Dan Goevert

Hi, I'm Dan Goevert, a recently retired Industrial Engineer from Textron Aviation (Cessna Pawnee).

For decades, as I toiled by day with manufacturing facility layout drawings, I worked at night and weekends implementing and maintaining my own home landscape. I'm quite familiar with the business end of a shovel, you might say. A true weekend warrior!

I absolutely understand the pride and sense of accomplishment in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) landscaping. Curb appeal and increased property values are rewarding benefits as well. Many homeowners feel the same and are willing to put in the sweat equity, but aren't quite sure how to get started.

Well, it all starts with a good plan, and that's where my company, Songbird Landscape Design, can help get you started in a big way.

Over the years, I've managed to learn quite a bit from personal experience about Kansas landscaping, while developing a passion for backyard sanctuaries. Combine that with my work experience in computerized drawings, plus certification training in landscape design from the University of Guelph, I've embarked on a new career... making your home landscape dreams come true.

Attracting birds, butterflies, and other beneficial wildlife is what I enjoy most about landscaping (attention buzzards, mice, and vampire bats… this excludes you!). The most natural way of luring in our little friends is to utilize plants native to this area. Native planting is a smart strategy in and of itself: they are less prone to disease, need less water, require minimal maintenance, save money, and blend in with the surrounding ecosystem.

I specialize in helping cost-conscious homeowners create eye-catching, inspiring views. I'll work with you to understand your landscape expectations, priorities, and dreams, as we step through an orderly design process manifested through a progression of drawings. In the end, you'll have a beautiful Master Plan for self-implementation within your budget, or if you prefer, hand it off to somebody else to do the dirty work while you watch from the patio sipping iced tea. Your choice!

Happy Landscaping!