“... it all starts

with a good plan.”

Dan Goevert  /  Owner, Songbird Landscape Design

It’s your yard.
We are your landscape designers.

Songbird Landscape Design provides services primarily geared for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) types in the Wichita, KS area desiring a beautiful quality landscape for their home or business.

Quite a few of us homeowners don’t mind getting our hands dirty in the yard. In fact, we relish being outside and working with nature. Ahh, the sweet smell of rich soil on a crisp Autumn day is so invigorating!

However, not every plant lover has the time or confidence to carefully draft a professional landscape drawing for their property, featuring the proper blend of color, form, and texture. For these DIY’ers, sweat labor is no issue, but charting a map to create a landscape of envious curb appeal is THE major roadblock.

That’s where Songbird Landscape Design enters the picture.

We’ll follow a systematic and thorough step-by-step professional design process to evolve a customized landscape plan in line with the homeowner’s goals and dreams, while keeping in mind property constraints and budget. Communication with the client throughout the process is crucial to success.

At the end of the process we provide a tailored Master Plan drawing of your new landscape, along with a comprehensive list of materials to make it happen, including cost estimates, supplier recommendations, plant photos, and care information.

With Master Plan in hand, you, the homeowner, now have a choice to make: Get out the shovel and start digging or farm out some or all the grunt work. No matter who provides the muscle, the result is a beautiful landscape, designed to make your dreams come true.

Did we mention you can save a lot of money doing it this way?

Dan Goevert earned a certification in landscape design in 2019 from the University of Guelph, located in Ontario, Canada. The U of G is attended by 30,000 on campus students, offering nearly 100 undergraduate and 50 graduate degrees.

Their OpenEd online program provides formal training in landscape design and many other fields, and is staffed by industry pros.